“Reporting to you about how amazing I felt after our last Somatics session. Knees feel like new. Of course 2 days off (from snowboarding everday) helps, but man those Somatics worked overall bigtime.
John F 
Age 61
“The techniques used in Lee-Ann’s somatics classes are so very effective as I suffer from pain in my right knee, hip, lower back and neck areas. Proprioception was huge for me, to do the exercises with ease and to be able to not feel pain especially since I’m not flexible. I wish it could be taught in other classes I take. It was so enjoyable not to have any music at all (I don’t like standard yoga music) as it allowed for more instruction, education and questions in the class.  The high quality and integrity of Lee-Ann’s teaching is amazing and I am enjoying many pain free days. Thank you LA!”
Sam J.
“I hired Lee-Ann as a personal trainer to help me overcome sports injuries.  She really knows how the body is meant to work and can take you through your paces assuring you to get stronger, more flexible and reach any goals you have.  She is an athlete that teaches more than just proper form.  You can trust that she will lead you through workouts that may push you, but not let you injure yourself.  Getting results and establishing personal rapport are key to success. I would be there now participating in her new classes if I lived in the Okanagan!”
Brenda Crompton
“I have a long history of injuries and pain and found somatics is a simple, relaxing and effective exercise program.  After trying many, many therapies with little relief, it is the first program that released my muscle spasms and gave me relief!  Thanks to Lee-Ann, I am doing everything in a somatic way.”
Wendy L.