My Mission

To reduce or eliminate peoples chronic pain for life through Clinical Somatics.

Lee-Ann has led of life of activity starting with discipline as a competitive gymnast, to staying on trend teaching many forms of fitness classes, to becoming an entrepreneur as a personal fitness trainer to teaching yoga, and now Clinical Somatics.

Along this road of education, Lee-Ann has attended several conferences in the US and Canada to learn from the best in the health and fitness industry.

Lee-Ann also carries an innate gift of compassion and expert knowledge in working with people, an ability not taught, but serves a greater purpose, to add value and success to peoples’ lives. 

  • 1982  YM-YWCA National Fitness Instructors Certification
  • 1984  Registered Fitness Appraisers Certification
  • 1986  BCRPA (BC Recreation & Parks Association) Fitness Instructors Certification
  • 1992  American Council on Exercise Certification
  • 2009 Spin Instructors Certification
  • 2012  BCRPA Group Fitness Instructors Certification
  • 2013  Yogafit Canada Level 1 Certification
  • 2014  Yogafit Canada Level 2 Certification / Yoga Lean Certification
  • 2015  Yogafit Canada Level 3 Certification
  • 2015  Somatics 16 Hour Course, Stone Path Yoga,
  • 2017  Somatics 6 Hour Workshop, Gentle Somatic Yoga
  • 2017 Hatha Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training Certification
  • 2019  Somatic Movement Center Certified Exercise Instructor Level 1 Certification
  • 2020  Somatic Movement Center Certified Exercise Instructor Level 2
  • 2021  Somatic Movement Center Certified Exercise Instructor Level 3


  • International Dance Exercise Association
  • Canadian Fitness Professionals Association
  • Toastmasters International Vancouver/Kelowna
  • Lake Country Chamber of Commerce
  • Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada


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Clinical Somatics has been proven to have an huge impact in:

Reducing stress and anxiety

Improving sleep and breathing

Improving balance

Enhancing athletic performance

Releasing chronic muscle tightness

Preventing recurring injuries

Preventing joint degeneration

Improving flexibility and range of motion