About Me


Lee-Ann Davenport – owner, visionary, serial entrepreneur, and now author and speaker – currently operates two companies in separate industries.

LA Home Staging Painting + Design was developed in 2011 when Lee-Ann decided to pursue a dream job in the field of interior design as a home stager and by also entering the market as an interior painter. Lee-Ann’s attention to detail and an “eye for design” is what makes her stand out. Her success as a stager, interior stylist, colour consultant, and painter is built from a reputation that exceeds client expectations.

LA Lifestyles was originally a personal fitness training business in which Lee-Ann started in 1989 as she pioneered through an unknown career at the time. She has just recently rebranded and is transitioning her company to specialize in teaching Somatic Yoga along with private training for people who live with pain and other health ailments. Her approach to health and wellness is backed by thirty-five years of experience in the health and fitness industry and has renewed her passion teaching people who value having an active lifestyle, a strong body and mind, and living well in balance and harmony.

New to her repertoire of becoming an author and speaker, Lee-Ann is an advocate on ADHD, pain management, and somatics. She believes it is vitally important to inform, educate, and empower women, and has made it her mission to teach people how to advocate for themselves and be experts of their own mind and body. We are unique individuals who can make a difference in achieving the ultimate goal in life: happiness!

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If you want to keep moving, You have to keep moving.

-Marc Middleton

My Story ...and Why I do this....

My lifelong commitment to health and fitness originates from the discipline of competitive gymnastics, as well as being raised in an active family. Hot on trend with the aerobics movement, my fitness career rocketed from being an instructor to building a personal training business and owning a private studio. Eventually, I took a break from business to become a mother and wife which then prompted us to move from Vancouver to the Okanagan in 2007. Embracing a new yoga practice for many months, I suddenly recognized I was pain free from lifelong neck pain. From this experience, I pursued teaching yoga. But, as an avid skier pushing my limits, I developed chronic low back pain, combined with also working as an interior painter. As a person who is always open to new things, I was fortunate to learn of Somatics and participate in a two day workshop that was held locally. This was pivotal and transformational in reducing pain and not allowing pain to control how I live.

I will continue to forever be active, but with harmony and balance. I believe in exercise as a cure and it is my job to educate people how they too, can enjoy life as is should be… full of love, gratitude and the freedom to move pain free.

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.



Somatic Yoga Instructor / Integrated Therapist / Personal Trainer / Author / Speaker / ADHD Advocate

Lee-Ann has more than 35 years experience in the health, fitness, yoga and wellness industries, including 3 dedicated years as a competitive gymnast. She has a lifelong commitment to living life fit and healthy as well as consciously enforcing balance and healing.
~ A life well lived is a life full of love.


1982   YM-YWCA National Fitness Instructors Certificate

1984   Registered Fitness Appraisers Certificate

1986   BCRPA (BC Recreation & Parks Association) Fitness Instructors Certificate

1992   ACE (American Council on Exercise) Certificate

2009   Spin Instructors Certificate

2012   BCRPA Group Fitness Instructors Certificate

2013   Yogafit Canada Level 1 Certificate

2014   Yogafit Canada Level 2 / YogaLean Certificates

2015   Yogafit Canada Level 3 Certificate

2015   Somatics – 16 Hour Workshop

2017   Somatics – 6 Hour Workshop

2017   Hatha Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training Certificate


IDEA (International Dance Exercise Association, US)

CanFitPro (Canadian Fitness Professionals)

Toastmasters International Vancouver / Kelowna

Lake Country Chamber of Commerce

CADDAC Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada

My Notables on Education…

The greatest part about learning is sharing that knowledge, and not by just telling them how to do it, but by showing and allowing those to experience for themselves the value of what they’ve learned. That’s the beauty of being an instructor, trainer, coach, teacher, etc. The magic unravels when it’s done with compassion and enthusiasm, and that is my job, my purpose, my greatest joy in giving – to help people recognize the importance of health, fitness, and wellness, to reap the benefits of healing and building strength, and for me to witness all those I’ve helped in achieving success – in not just their goals, but in life as a whole.

What’s not listed are the vast amount of conferences I’ve attended annually in the US and Canada to learn from the best instructors and presenters in the industry. It’s important to stay on top of what’s trending and being able to deliver to clients and participants the latest in exercise science, nutrition, psychology, proven studies and research, and so much more.

Becoming certified to teach has opened many doors to exploring education and online as well, but the truth is, intelligence begins with relating to the “human needs”, “hands on” experiences and feedback, their trust and personal testament from people of all types.

My current studies are dedicated to Somatics (Hanna Education), neuroscience and its impact on behavior and cognitive functions (CBT) and adult ADHD.

“The light at the end of the tunnel is actually the light found within”

-Karen Salmonson